Can you dream about the heat of hardwood in the restroom, but cringe at the thought of mixing water and wood? Even though some designers shy away from wood flooring for the toilet, creations and expert setup will make this dream a reality in your home.

Finest Form of Hardwood Floors for Your Toilet

A complete bathroom might not be the best spot to use hardwood flooring, but your powder room or half bath is ideal. Think about choosing one of the more durable hardwood species, such as walnut or walnut. Softer woods have a tendency to absorb humidity and moisture quicker, leading to more warping and movement across the ground. Exotic wood floors may also be a better option for your toilet, largely because of the natural characteristics of the wood species. Brazilian Teak hardwood floors have an impressive Janka score and come from a humid corner of the world. With the right finish and proper installation, exotic hardwood can transform your bathroom into a spa oasis.

Floating or Nail Down?

Solid hardwood flooring are nailed down to plywood subfloors, reducing movement and expansion. Engineered hardwood flooring are glued or clicked together and freely float above a subfloor or underlayment. Benefits can be found for both in a toilet application. Engineered floating timber flooring are created for stability in regions of higher humidity. They expand and contract because the moisture level changes, reducing episodes of warping, cracking and splitting. This works well over large expanses, such as your main floor living area, halls, foyer and powder room. Search for hardwood flooring products using a polyurethane finish, designed to protect the wood from spills and moist conditions. Reduce the danger of warping by investing into a good hardwood or engineered floating wood flooring that comes with a watertight coating to keep the planks shielded, even during expansion and contraction. Be skeptical of cheaper, fake coatings which will crack and peel over time, leaving the wood exposed.

Flooring Combinations

Many designers opt for a blend of flooring types in the restroom, providing the warmth and charm of timber while maintaining a minimal risk of moisture damage. Consider using high quality tiling around the bigger bathroom fixtures–such as the tub or showerand complementing that floor with wood flooring in the balance of this room. You should still invest in the highest quality, polyurethane-coated brands and clean up puddles immediately. However, a combination of wood and tile or rock could be striking in appearance and wise in maintenance. Speak with your flooring retailer concerning the perfect underlayment for hardwood floors in your toilet. Most powder rooms discuss a subfloor with the hallway or primary living area, but other bathrooms could stand alone. Always opt for best brands with strong warranties and follow the manufacturer’s maintenance directions. Your new wood bathroom floor is likely to look great and feel even better for years to come.


shutterstock_1228678123Barnes Area Wood Floor Refinishing

Many brave homemakers try to refinish their hardwood floors themselves… only to wind up wasting time, spending more money than they should, damaging themselves, and hurting their flooring. This isn’t to say that you ought to abandon your DIY impulses. However, small mistakes — or defects in the procedure — may result in annoying consequences which you may not even notice for several weeks or even weeks.

How Professionals Can Help — The way to”Go Pro” Rather than DIY

Pro technicians can buffsand, stain, and finish your floors. As long as the wood floor isn’t damaged, technicians can fix scratched/scuffed surfaces by buffing floors down, then utilizing clear coating to complete the job.

Sanding and refinishing can be delicate, tedious work. Once done by an amateur, these processes can easily kick up a great deal of dust and particulates, which can cause indoor air pollution as well as sicken relatives or workers. Evidence indicates that a microscopic particulate matter may play a role in the pathogenesis of a number of lung ailments. When you sand and dust your hardwood flooring , you kick up aerosolized organics and other contaminants, which can get stuck inside air ducts and carpet fibers.

Aesthetically, too, the DIY approach May Lead to problems, for example:

Over-sanding or even under-sanding locations, causing unevenness and also the capacity for mold, buckling in addition to mould and mildew growth;
utilizing the incorrect substances or resources for your job can ruin the timber;
Spending cash on expensive merchandise and tools which could be unnecessary for your occupation.

Contact the Experts for Hardwood Floor Refinishing

As Opposed to waste your time and energy and possibly put Your Wellbeing and your family’s health in danger — associate with the group at Floor Sanding Barnes Now for a totally free, comprehensive consultation about your hardwood flooring refinishing needs. Give us a call 020 3151 0895 or complete our online contact form here on our site!


shutterstock_1063816748Holidays and get-togethers are lovely, and hosting parties is always enjoyable. You get family time and meet many friends you missed for quite a while. They’re usually even better if you get to host the party for your family and friends in your home. The fun never seems to end. You sing, sing your hearts out and drink a couple bottles of wine. But , you think about what your home will look like after it is all said and done.

The condition of your hardwood flooring could stand in your way of enjoying your own party at home. You’re concerned that the guests dancing in stiletto heels can depart ugly, permanent scratches on the floor. Today that may be a total turn off into the partying mood. But fear not; this informative article gives simple tips to prevent your flooring from common celebration floor harm:

4 Ways to Stop Common Floor Damage

1. Care Is Essential

It does not matter what sort of flooring you’ve got; maintenance will remain necessary. Prior to the party, ensure that your floors are swept, vacuumed and some other stains eliminated. If your guests depart and it is time to wash, listen to clean stains and spills. For the obstinate stains and unreachable locations, it is possible to call the professionals to assist whenever possible.

2. Adhere to a no-shoe coverage

Shoes are just useful outside. Within your home, they are sometimes a source of problems to your flooring. They attract in wetnessdirt and paths of who knows what. If they need to, inform them beforehand to come with a set of lace or lace, particularly in the summertime when sandals are hot.

3. Place sticky felt pads under all movable furniture

You may have to rearrange your house for the celebration. Your guests may also insist on moving a chair from 1 side of the space to another. Your hardwood floor is going to be on the receiving end with scratches staring at you after the party. To be on the safe side, purchase sticky felt pads to get under your furniture legs to allow them to slip seamlessly on your hardwood.

4. Use rugs and flooring runners

There’s always that one location where guests gravitate to. That is where your hardwood floor (or carpeting ) will get the maximum crushing. Take precautionary steps by putting floor runners and area rugs in these regions. They just can save the day and your flooring will be like new once the party is finished.

Make a Fantastic impression with hardwood Flooring Refinishing.

If you throw a party for your family and friends, the least of your concerns should be your flooring. Our Barnes hardwood flooring refinishing staff knows your requirements and will be certain that the after-party is not about optimizing your losses. With engineered hardwood flooring renovation, we have given enthusiastic party hosts a motive to do it often without any worries about flooring harm.

Together with our satisfied clients, proficient Barnes hardwood flooring refreshing professionals and years of expertise, your hardwood floors are in good hands. 020 3151 0895 Or contact us online for expert aid.


Wood Flooring Durability Explained

wood-1342577_1920There are numerous things which impact the durability of a hardwood flooring. Not surprisingly, one crucial component is the type of wood you choose, but no matter the type of wood that you have, you can always improve the durability of your hardwood flooring by applying a hard wearing coating or finish.

The importance of durability for your hardwood flooring project depends upon your specific requirements. The things you need to consider include the amount of visitors and wear and tear you anticipate in addition to your commitment to on-going care . In general, the harder the wood you select for your flooring, the harder sporting and longer lasting your floor will be.

The kinds of timber used in timber floors manufacturing range in strength from walnut, through to walnut and teak. Typically Brazilian by source the likes of walnut and teak, frequently called cumaru and ipe respectively, while more costly than walnut, are harder wearing, more lasting choices.

Without becoming too technical, there’s an industry-recognised way of quantifying the durability of timber, which can be known as the Janka Ball Hardness Test. The Janka Ball Hardness Test can be used to assess the force it requires to embed a steel ball (measuring just over 1cm) to the timber to half of its diameter! Even though the evaluation is quite complicated and in itself, not directly pertinent to your selection of floors, if durability is high on your priority list, it is especially beneficial to understand that the Janka Ball Hardness Test evaluations of the forests you are thinking about. Normally ranging from the large 00’s to the tens of thousands, the Janka Ball Hardness Test for the likes of bamboo will generally be across the 1,300 mark with cumaru and ipe scoring substantially greater, with scores attaining approximately 3000.

Another element that will affect the durability of your hardwood flooring is the type of seal or finish you select. Wood floor finishes range from oils at the same end of the spectrum to varnishes at the other. Typically, a floor finished with oil is going to have a far less hardwearing or less durable finish than a floor completed, for example, a polyurethane varnish.

When it comes to commercial wood floors, which face up to daily levels of severe footfall, in the likes of stores, hotels and pubs, a specially formulated commercial grade complete is going to be required.

The fantastic news regarding wood flooring durability would be: no matter the circumstance, there is bound to be a timber and a complete which matches the bill.



Light Grey Wooden Flooring Options

light-greys-2Grey hardwood floors is a popular option, but many men and women worry that it may look dark. That is why at Floor Sanding Barnes, we have created a point of earning sure we have plenty of lighting grey wooden flooring choices. Overall, when you choose this option, you’re guaranteed to give your room the lift you are hoping for.

When you are shopping around for light grey wooden flooring options you will discover that the range of grey tones fluctuates significantly from option to option. The key to making the proper option for your particular project is to think about the outcome you need to achieve. By asking yourself things like: whether you desire an actual gray or simply a hint of gray as well as working out which tone will work well with your furnishings can help make you a lot closer to being able to make a determination which will work for you.

In this guide, we will help you through a couple of these mild gray choices we now have in stock and ready to provide, in addition to sharing with you why people believe they’re really unique.

  1. Organic engineered walnut Spring gray – UV oiled alternative. This flooring is just magnificent, regardless of what type of furnishings you’ve got. Well called, it truly makes you consider the first glowing lights of springtime and will clean your space with light no matter how gloomy it may seem at this time. A floor with plenty of personality and sporting a reasonable variety of little knots, you’re able to definitely observe the pure grain in every board. And owing to its UV filter, even if your area does happen to get washed with bright sunshine, you should not be worried about sun damage since it’s well protected. Perfectly suited to almost any room in the house, this flooring is so flexible that it works regardless of your style of supplying or color scheme.
  2. Organic engineered walnut Spring Grey click This option is ideal for anybody who wants all of the plus points of this flooring we have just clarified but needs the ease of a click program!
  3. Organic engineered walnut UK gray – UV oiled. This flooring is warm and enchanting. Labelled UK Grey, it is definitely not a gray you’ll ever tire of. Having a nearly honey tone for this, it surely is gray, but it’s that pure timber colouration that will look good in twenty five years’ time. Again, using a wonderful open grain, it’s been UV oiled to shield it to the center and leave it looking very natural.
  4. For anybody who would like a light gray solid wood choice that this flooring is ideal. Brushed to start the grain after which hardwax oiled, you truly get to enjoy the entire splendor of the timber if you plump for this particular solution. A hot, blonde grey, we’ve understood this flooring work very well in all from an extremely formal setting into a very relaxed, understated chic frightening zone. It is as versatile as it’s attractive and operates across the house, except for in kitchens and baths where we would not normally suggest installing a solid hardwood flooring. In these rooms we would urge engineered hardwood floors each moment.
  5. Although strictly speaking not gray in any way, if you look carefully you will see why we have included this flooring within this report. Called London whitened, it’s a cunningly subtle greyness about it which makes this floor an ideal solution for anybody who would like a mix of whitewashed style floors finish with a touch of gray. So light you’ll feel as though you’re walking on air, this flooring is very versatile. You may opt to go all out and put in it throughout your house or use it in any area you desire. In any event, you won’t be let down.

What’s more, ALL OF THESE FLOORS are on offer at 70% OFF, therefore we all can say is”What are you waiting for?”

If you’d like help to obtain the light gray hardwood flooring of your dreams, why not get in contact? In Floor Sanding Barnes it’s our business to make sure that the wood flooring decisions you reach are the very best for your project which you get real value from the floor today, and in many years to come.


shutterstock_129853550Hardwood flooring is very lovely. Hardwood has a particular all-natural charm about it that no other type of flooring can fit. Hardwood floors in your house will give your room a warm and comforting atmosphere.

For quite a while, hardwood floors were of only 1 kind. However, a lot has changed. There is a presence of an entire variety of woods that may be utilised to earn hardwood flooring now. With a great deal of alternatives for homeowners, choosing wood flooring is now a lot more creative and individuals finally have access to a vast range of hardwood flooring.

Hardwood flooring may also be bought in both unfinished and finished varieties. The choice between these two depends completely on the homeowner’s wishes. Hardwood flooring made by reputable businesses is also quite durable. Hardwood flooring is made to be powerful and much more scratch resistant than it ever was. New types of hardwood floorings can deal with excess stress, abuse, wear and tear in a much better way to ensure longevity. Hardwood flooring nowadays is additionally coated with a protective finish which prevents them from becoming scratched.

Hardwood flooring demands some quantity of upkeep for it to keep its appearance over a long period of time. This will involve sanding the hardwood flooring periodically and cleaning it on a normal basis. Taking good care of your hardwood floors will guarantee that it lasts and looks good for a really long time.

How can it destroy the wood?

shutterstock_291295346For one, if it’s too cold and dry, your timber will loose much of its moisture content that runs the risk of it breaking up, splintering, cracking and spacing.

When it is too humid and hot, the floors will expand and run in the probability of buckling.

How can you monitor the indoor humidity levels?

A hygrometer, aka humidity monitor, is greatest at tracking your indoor temperature and RH(relative humidity) levels.

What are normal RH(relative humidity) levels for hardwood?

Between 35% – 55% will be the very best and recommended amounts of RH in your property.

Aside from keeping your indoor surroundings at constant levels, you will find different ways in which to conserve your own hardwood.

Take off shoes. Shoes may bring in debris and other grime which can scratch and wear off the finish of your flooring.
Mats. Keep mats at doorways of entry and exit points. In case you have hardwood in the kitchen, a good idea is to keep mats in the front of the stove and sink. The stove and sink area get a good deal of traffic. The end tends to wear quicker in such regions which other areas of the kitchen. By putting mats it isn’t only softer on your feet, but it serves a purpose in maintaining your wood floors.
Felt pads under furniture. This is a significant item. Place felt pads

shutterstock_475041013under chairs or furniture legs. Be certain that you change the pads from time to time to keep them clean and free from debris. The sensed will protect your flooring from the constant movement of the seats.
NO HARSH CHEMICALS. Please refrain from using harsh chemicals on your flooring. For polyurethaned and prefinished hardwood, we advocate Ammonia Free Windex. For oiled floors please you manufacturer recommendations. Quite often, businesses that manufacture oiled floors are going to have their very own cleaning products that they recommend to utilize.
Use non-abrasive cleaning pads. Don’t use a cleaning pad that is abrasive or you will scratch the finish on your floors. Dry swifter pads are fantastic for the in-between cleanings on hardwood. They’re soft but capable of cleaning debris. Make sure, however, that when user a swifter, there are not little hard particles that could scratch the finish. If you something scraping, it’s ideal to stop and change the pad.
Avoid mopping with large amount of plain water. We recommend misting the flooring using a cleaner and wiping it up right away.
Avoid installing hardwood in areas of the house where it isn’t the right option. For example, at a laundry area. Laundry rooms are a high content moisture area. Your floors run the risk of buckling because of water spillage in the washing machine. Plus the movement of these machines may scratch and damage the timber; even machines with VRT technology proceed and may damage wood floors.


Installing hardwood in a cellar is a case by case situation. Some basements are acceptable for hardwood, though other basements aren’t appropriate for hardwood.

Bathrooms are other areas of the time in which hardwood isn’t the best option. We’ve seen bathrooms, particularly powder rooms, with wood flooring installed. While we’d agree it looks beautiful, it is not necessarily practical. If timber in installed on your bathroom, make sure that you wipe out of any water that has fallen onto the flooring straight away. Keeps bath and sink mats dry constantly. Also, keep moisture to a minimum. When hardwood is set up in a toilet which has a bathtub and shower, be certain that you totally exhaust and dry the steam out that the shower creates.

Want a brand new shiny floor for your home?

Do you think about renovation? If you want to replace your old carpets with a modern interior design, our specialists will find the best offers for you. Wood flooring looks so classy and goes well with every kind of furniture. If you  already have an wood flooring is even easier to remove the carpet and show it up. Most of the wooden floors that have been hidden under the carpet for years have lost their shine and the right procedure to bring it back is called sanding! Sanding will definitely transform the atmosphere at your home. Don’t be afraid when you hear the word “sanding”. We work with new technologies that guarantee lack of dust. For sanding, we use 99% dust FREE machines – yes, we think about your comfort.

Renovation & your home

Renovation will heal your home
An attractive rich colour wooden floors are fashionable from a 100 years from now. They are big part of every single type of interior no matter if it is home or office interior. The long lasting of this material is making it appropriate to renovation and you can make them shine again!
The care of your wooden floors should be handled by professionals. Our company is qualified and focused on top quality sanding support for home, office and even school flooring. We offer an additional services and a lot of experience in the business. Choosing the right wood material for your floors can be very confusing since there are many selections to choose from. Whenever you choose to use it will be a total heal of your home environment, because floors are an enormous part of the area. Any scratched wooden floors could be modified to transform your home design and interior style and fresh up the place again! Take the opportunity and use wooden floors to help you manipulate your vital home energies and soothe your home environment! Our company generate any variety of wood floor and doing incredible work. Our professionals work rapidly and efficient each time, so contact us if you need any information, advice or any floor restoration procedure!